Annie Struby, Blueprint for Safety Coordinator at Rose Brooks Center and Memorial Honoring Sex Trafficking Victims

Host Pat Bartholome will speak with Annie Struby, Blueprint for Safety Coordinator, Rose Brooks Center.  In Kansas City, the Rose Brooks Center is a crown jewel of service to those who need help because of domestic violence.  The goal of KC Blueprint is to reduce incidence of violence and trauma affecting youth and families and ultimately heal our city – together.   Annie Struby will tell us how Rose Brooks Center is employing this exciting opportunity to address domestic violence in a more effective and comprehensive way that will set Kansas City out as a national leader in domestic violence prevention.

We will bring you our calendar at the middle of our program.

During the second part of the show, host Craig Lubow talks to Hasna Sal about a glass sculpture memorial that she created for Veronica’s Voice for victims of sex trafficking. Kansas City is the crossroads of many things, from the trails that led pioneers west, the country’s rail and Interstate highway systems, to 21st Century fiber optics. It’s also the crossroads of the human trafficking industry. “The memorial was inspired by the resilience and courage of survivors’ heroic struggles to gain power and control of their lives and overcome the many adversaries faced by our society’s marginalized citizens,” said Sal.

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“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Calendar for the week of Oct. 19th:

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  • The Kansas City Chapter of Missouri Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants should have their monthly virtual meeting Monday, Oct. 19th. MO CURE advocates for the human rights of prisoners in Missouri prisons and jails as well as those who have returned to society, by lobbying state and local government, direct contact with corrections officials and a quarterly newsletter sent to supporters and prisoners.  See them on Facebook.



  • MON, 10/19 6:30 – 8:00 PM More² Kansas Issues2Action Meeting online via zoom – You can join this meeting to plan actions on issues related to racial and economic equity in our region. Register in advance, more info on the calendar at


  • KC Chap of Mothers in Charge Third Annual Unity Awards unique virtual event will be TUES 10/20/20 at 6 PM. For more information you can find them at or call them at 816-912-2601. Stop the Violence!


  • Online meetings, Moms Demand Action as follows: MON, Oct. 19th, 7 PM KCMO Moms, TUES, Oct. 20th, 7:30 PM, Eastern Jackson Co MO

Go to RSVP for link info.

  • TUES, Oct. 20th, 6 – 7:30 PM KC-Breaking The Pipeline Coalition, an online event hosted by ACLU of Missouri. This group works to eliminate the elements that created the pipeline that funnels students into juvenile detention, jail and prison. More info at
  • WED, Oct. 21st, 7 PM, online event with Rachel Louise Snyder, author of No Visible Bruises: 7 pm, Online event in partnership with the Willow for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. More info at
  • WED, Oct. 21st, 6 – 7:30 PM, Know Your Rights for Students & Parents Statewide Training, an online event hosted by ACLU of Missouri. More info at
  • THURS, Oct. 22nd, 12:30 noon, Gun Violence in Missouri: Seeking Solutions: Online event hosted by American Public Square and KC Common Good.  More info at
  • SAT, Oct. 24th 10 AM – 5 PM, Domestic Violence: Unseen, Unheard, Unacceptable, a workshop and forum at the MOHART Center, 32nd & Wayne, KCMO. You can contact the Mohart facility manager, John Black, at (816) 513-4529 for more info.
  • The virtual event is next week, WED, Oct. 28th however, this week, THURS, Oct. 22nd, is the last chance to have your contributions announced at the  More info at
  • A list of services, meals, and hot lines are available at  It is updated daily.

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