For our show on May 16th, we will play the most recent Climate Hour podcast, Urban Permaculture produced 5-1-22 by Bob Grove.

Permaculture is an approach to land management that incorporates principles found in healthy ecosystems. Urban Permaculture applies these principles to our backyards and vacant lots, giving us access to economical, healthy food; the natural stress-relief of interacting with nature, and the community resilience of local food sources; all while saving the planet by sequestering carbon in our yards and lowering the climate impact of industrialized farming.

Please stay tuned to hear Bob and his guests discuss Urban Permaculture. This week we will not have time for the calendar, but that can still be found on the EcoRadio KC Facebook page!

Guests include:

Dan Krull, Manheim Park Garden Conservancy

Dylan Cochran, permaculture practitioner

Hilary Noonan, Mad Hatter Compost Tea

Maggie St John, Antioch Urban Growers

Michael Almon, Forest Floor Permaculture,east%20side%20of%20Lawrence%2C%20KS.

Sean Stanton, Integrated Earth Design

We at EcoRadio KC are glad to encourage awareness and protection of our world.  Our goal is to assure our listeners are aware of how we can create a sustainable present for a sustainable future!

This will be a great radio hour!  We hope you can tune in!

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