PTSD, Cannabis and a Warrior’s Story Of Finding His Own Peace. A Call In Show

PTSD, Cannabis and a Warrior’s Story Of Finding His Own Peace.

Last Month Commander Thomas W. Mondell spoke before a Committee of the Missouri House of Representatives telling them that veterans need cannabis to help treat the effects of PTSD. This is important because Thomas has been US Army Gunner on Arrow Scout Hunter/Killer Assault Teams serving from Vietnam up through Afghanistan. He has seen and done plenty enough to give him nightmares. His training and internal emotional protections had made him unable to care for others or himself.

It was during one of these bouts with his PTSD that a loved one came to him and said, Tom you are dying, try this. She gave him a marijuana cigarette to smoke and he finally rediscovered an ability to feel, to care for himself and others. Since that time this soldier who had felt cannabis was nothing more than an illegal drug has spoken to many other veterans and found that they too have found a medical treatment for their PTSD more effective than any of the pharmaceuticals they had been prescribed for their condition. Thomas W. Mondell finds himself in a position he never thought he would be in, advocate for medical cannabis.

You can call in with your own story during the show – 816-931-5534

Our Guest – Commander Thomas W. Mundell

Commander Thomas W. Mundell is a former member of the United States Army. He served two combat tours in Vietnam as an Aero Scout Gunner on Hunter/Killer Assault Teams. While performing Search and Destroy operations throughout the world, he was shot down 11 times and rendered over 164 Enemy Combatants harmless during his Military and Civilian career.
His military decorations include the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Bronze Star Medal for Valor, Air Medal for Valor, Army Commendation Medal for Valor, four Purple Hearts, Vietnamese Cross-of Gallantry and many others.
He served with the 135th Assault Helicopter Company, 335th Assault Helicopter Company, A Trp, 2/17 Cav, 101st Airborne Division and the 10th Special Forces Group during his military career. Since his military career, he served with numerous Department of Defense and Civilian Companies in Iran, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Africa, and South America. He was also an Attack Helicopter Senior Technical Instructor for Bell Helicopter International.
Returning to St. Louis, he transitioned to McDonnell Douglas and became a Senior Product Service Training Instructor on the F-15 and F-18 Fighter Aircraft. Later he became CEO of Tactical Self-Defense and Aviation Systems. He is presently the Past State Commander, for the Department of Missouri, Veterans of Foreign Wars and just recently elected as the Vice Chairman of MAVO, the Missouri Association of Veteran Organizations.

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