UnBand Auction! Local Folk

And here we are on day three of the all local music UnBand Auction, with a collection of folks who have volunteered their time and their music to benefit KKFI on Foolkiller Folk in Band Auctions past. And yes, Mark & Val skew Celtic as always, but we’ll kick off with long time friends of the station, Betse & Clark and wrap up with banjo Kelly Hunt, and in between you’ll get to hear Three Dollar Band, Chad Elliott, Kasey Rausch, David Hakan, Mark Montgomery, Gary Kirkland, Gerald Trimble, Fraoch, Turlach Boylan, Ensemble Iberica with Nathalie Pires, Mikal Shapiro, Shapiro Brothers, Scotch Hollow and Under the Big Oak Tree.

We do not want to encourage gathering right now, so instead of the usual Band Auction, we’re just celebrating our local artists. but if you’d be inclined to kick in some financial support, you can go to kkfi.org/donate and/or check out the kkfi.org/prizecloset, and/or call 888.931.0901- the remote phone bank will be standing by. And, as always, Foolkiller Folk will be available for two weeks in the archives and our playlist with links to the music will be available in Spinatron shortly after the show.

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