Zombie Debt will eat your brain and your future – A talk with Attorney Dale Irwin

Want to know what Zombie Debt is?  If your credit card is stolen is it really true you won’t have to pay for those fraudulent charges?  Who is behind these collection agencies?

Attorney Robin Martinez of the local chapter of the National Lawyers Guild  talks with Attorney Dale Irwin about Zombie Debt, Robo Signing and more.  Find out how you can be trapped in a cycle of debt through no fault of your own.  Tune in and find out about the scams credit card companies pull in low income neighborhoods.  Did you know there is a statue of limitations on credit card debt?  Want to know how you can be required to pay expired debt?

With this show we start covering Economic Justice and/or Injustice issues on JoJR.  This show is the first of two conversations with Dale Irwin, stay tuned in February for Pay Day Loans the radio show.

Dale Irwin is a Partner at Slough Connealy Irwin and Madden here in Kansas City.

Robin Martinez is Senior Partner at Matinez, Madrigal and Machicow.

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