Anything Goes

Anything Goes on-air crew

“The Anything Goes” show premiered on KKFI 90.1 FM in the spring of 2000 as an alternative (and sometimes ridiculously zany) public affairs program focused on Kansas City’s cultural life, from astrology to zoology – and everything in-between.

The call-in program has given KKFI listeners the opportunity to talk to local and national celebrities, authors, charlatans, playwrights, ghost hunters, chefs, drag queens, musicians and mixologists, historians and hysterics. Popular recurring guests include astrologer Brenda G. Smith, Northeast News publisher and author Michael Bushnell, gardening expert Kristopher Dabner, and historian Christopher Leitch, among others.

With the unfortunate departure of Charles Ferruzza, the show continues on with Carol Jean Barta and Stan “The Man” Thomas for your enjoyment,

No topic is too controversial – or crazy – for discussion on the show which was once (and possibly accidently) voted “Best Local Radio Show” by Kansas City Magazine.

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