Shut Up and Listen

Shut Up and Listen started when DJ6ftSam (Samuel Stueve) and Metal Man Jaye (Jaye Powers) started talking politics in the studios of Johnson County Community College’s ECAV Radio. After a little back and forth, we both quickly realized that despite our wildly different opinions, one thing we could agree on was the need for critical thought when discussing both political and non-political current events. So we started getting up at the wee hours every Monday to take a crack at this whole “critical thought” thing.

Time flies and Sam went on to other things, so now I have a sort of radio wife call-in cohost, Becker from North Carolina.  Sometimes we succeed at this, other times we fail..horribly.. it’s a real crap shoot. But please join us on this adventure into the less appealing sides of the argument, some skepticism and advocating for the devil, and oh yeah, plenty of ‘Florida Man.’

Shut Up and Listen ended its broadcast on KKFI in early 2021.