Common Defense – Progressive veterans

Derek Duba, Moises Montalvo and Bryson Ripley discuss a veterans organization called Common Defense with Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves.  

Common Defense claims to be the “the nation’s largest grassroots organization of US military veterans and the only one that invests in the leadership of its members through training and deployment in campaigns that connect directly to their history of service, including voting rights, climate justice, and anti-militarism.” Common Defense includes a non-partisan training program for veterans called the Veterans Organizing Institute (VOI), which supports “leadership development of Progressive military veterans.”

Derek Duba is the Western Regional Organizer for Common Defense.  Moises Montalvo is part of the facilitation team at the Veterans Organizing Institute.  Bryson Ripley is also a facilitator at the Veterans Organizing Institute while pursuing a degree in sociology and psychology at Johnson County Community College.


Copyright 2023 Derek Duba, Moises Montalvo, Bryson Ripley, Spencer Graves, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) 4.0 International license.  

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