Emily Weber on the Missouri state House of Representatives in 2024

Emily Weber discusses the issues that concern her in her work in the Missouri state House of Representatives. She is the Minority Caucus Vice-Chair in the Missouri state House of Representatives in Jefferson City, representing District 24. That district consists generally of downtown and midtown KCMO, which very roughly runs from 47th north to Independence Avenue and State Line east to Troost but with many deviations. In 2020, she replaced Judy Morgan, who was termed out.

Weber is a graphics designer with a degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. She was born in South Korea and adopted and raised in rural Kansas. She attended Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas, 25 miles northeast of Wichita. She is a member of the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus, the Women in Politics Foundation and serves on the policy committee for Climate Action KC.

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