FROM ARK TO MICROCHIP presents “Ick and the Charm” and “Listening Time: A Philosophy of Sound “

From Ark to Microchip presents:

Ick and the Charm
An audio drama written/directed by Steve Donofrio featuring Steve’s hummingbird recordings and told by his charm of hummingbirds in mid-Missouri. Voice actors include Rich Fish and the Masked Hummers of Zoom, with soundscapes/music by Tony Brewer, Allaudin Ottinger, Thomas Aber and Dwight Frizzell. Recorded live at the Hear Now Audio Theatre Festival at KCAI on June 10, 2023.


Listening Time: A Philosophy of Sound
Hear sound and energy from the beginning of time that are with us now. Featured are the 13 billion year old remnants of our cosmic origins and the strangeness of the quantum world. With  recordings by Dwight Frizzell and musical contributions from Thomas Aber, Alauddin Ottinger, Ed Herrmann, Kat Dison Nechlebova, Dave Brock, Randy Weinstein, Julia Thro, Robert Carl, Michael Miller, Jeff Rendlen, Bird Ellington Fleming and Bill Dye.

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