From Ark to Microchip presents: WAR IS A RACKET! and TOGETHER ALONE: Songs for Our Moment

General Smedley Butler’s emphatic plea to take the profit out of war is underscored by military technology repurposed for making music. The Military Industrial Complex, featuring Michael Henry (Star Trek Online), Allaudin Ottinger (BCR) and Dwight Frizzell (BCR), play vintage U.S. Army test equipment, spent cannon shell casings and electronics in an effort to reawaken into peace.

TOGETHER ALONE: Songs for Our Moment
Five newly recorded songs introduced by the young visual artists who created them including Caitlyn Dreyer, Jess Andreas, Jadon Song, Skye Sherwood and Clay Harrington. Supporting artists/musicians feature Kyle Caris, Jack Stanley, Dan Rawlings, Lakin Gambill, Cyrus Wade, Vaughn Sanchez, Logan Floer, Isaac Higo, Matthew Infante and Sage Hughes.

Produced by Dwight Frizzell

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