From Ark to Microchip Special

Counterclock Worlds of Philip K. Dick (27:55)
The seminal sci‐fi author (“Bladerunner”) and pataphysician Philip K. Dick’s explorations of alternative worlds and techno‐dilemmas. “… always behind his plot smokescreen of extraterrestrials, future societies, machine paradigms, counterclock worlds and Lewis Carrollian wubs from Mars, is a full-blown religio-mystic Dickian outlook, a theory of reality as we experience it outside fiction—in day-to-day encounters that posit a just-around-the-corner arcanum of hyper-dimensions lying in wait, phantasmal migrations into the no-longer-future and the unbecoming past.”

Divine Sparks: Gnostic Voices from Nag Hammadi to Berkeley (28:49)
Voices released from ancient hidden texts…Voices of living information that slumbered in the buried codices at Nag Hammadi for centuries…Ancient voices of a Plasmate living through us as information. With Arnold Young as Gnostic guide Philip K. Dick, Bill Dye as the voice of the Plasmate, and Gerald Trimble’s cittern.

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