From Ark to Microchip: The World Breathes Through Us & River Music by the Cretaceous Forms

7pm  –  The World Breathes Through Us

Each thought, expression, sensation, and emotion reaches its fullness through an awareness of the breath. Starting with the sound of breath, we then add resonating vowels shaped by consonants and arrive at the prosody of speech. A group of young Kansas City-based artists created this new program exploring the human voice—Jaden Dudrey, Teddy Everts, Madeline Farinas De Leon, Zak Marshall, Madison Hummer, Anobb Hyacinthe, Lizze Ingram, Rachael Mallozzi, Cameron Sinclair and Autumn Workman.

7:30pm  –  River Music by the Cretaceous Forms

Jump into the river of time as artist Steve Snell shows us the way ahead. In June, Steve set out to paddle the entire length of the Missouri River. His 88-day journey was documented in a video shot from the bow of his canoe and presented at the UMKC Gallery of Art. The sound art group Cretaceous Forms played the continually moving image as a musical score—snaking around bends, splashing with oars, rushing with rapids, tranquilizing with calm waters, and  always flowing. Featuring Ezra Alderman – voice, Dot Henry – flute, Luke Tamburelli – keyboard, Fredrick Von Kaufmanschmidt – water, Jade Kizer – cello, Lily Madden – accordion, Sev Motko – violin, Chrystal Tucker – voice, Bethany Van Roekel – guitar, Tanner Williams – keyboard, Skye Sherwood – bass and Dwight Frizzell – WX5 wind-controller.

Produced by Dwight Frizzell.

Featured video—hear members of the Cretaceous Forms play Cat’s Life— Cat’s Life

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