Integrity of election procedures in Kansas and Missouri

The integrity of election procedures in Kansas and Missouri are discussed with members of Leagues of Women Voters of Johnson County, Kansas, and of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri.  Members of the Observer Corps of LWVKC discuss their observations of and interactions with election officials:  What equipment are used?  What procedures are followed to substantially eliminate threats to the integrity of the count?

With former President Trump and his supporters insisting that our election procedures have major deficiencies, it is important for voters to understand the many safeguards that are built into our electoral process.  This discussion attempts to educate the public on the procedures that election authorities follow, how LWV volunteers have witnessed them, and how those observations give us confidence in the integrity of the ballot.

Election security is about voter confidence and participation. The more confident voters are in our elections systems, the more confident they will feel that their vote has been counted and their voice heard, and this directly impacts their participation“, per official LWV documentation.

Janet Milkovich, President of the Johnson County League, discusses procedures there.  Greg Woodhams has been observing procedures followed by the Kansas City Election Board.  Patty Evans has been observing the Clay County Election Board.  Spencer Graves moderates.

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