Itto Outini: Overcoming Blindness, Homelessness to Become a Fulbright Scholar and Social Activist

Radio Active host Bill Clause interviews Itto Outini. For much of her young life, Itto Outini, 31 years old,  a native of Morocco, was homeless, illiterate — and blind. Today she is a Fulbright scholar and social activist…and the new KKFI volunteer.

Itto Outini introduces herself:

I have learned how to navigate the sighted world as a blind woman, fluently speaking 3 languages and becoming a motivational speaker and accessibility advocate.

Blindness is not an obstacle but is the reason I am who I am today through my education, life experience, and interests. I am a voice for the voiceless. As a journalist and human rights activists through writing and public speaking with the help of technology, I can globally cover the following: disabled refugees and asylum seekers; disability and accessibility; child abuse and how to prevent it from happening; how to fight poverty through education and advocacy; assistive technology; defending the right to education for all and study abroad exchange programs.

From a personal standpoint, I cover topics such as: how I overcame homelessness, abuse, poverty, and becoming a Fulbright scholar; freedom in choosing one’s religion; how disabled people are left behind in many areas; how to think positively, rationally and logically; how to live a life worth living despite turbulences; self-guidance through reading to discover your true identity; disability, sexuality, and womanhood in the modern world; racism and discrimination within the same social groups; tips and tricks to learn new languages and speak like a native speaker.

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