The Legacy of a Peace Camp for Middle-East Girls

For International Peace Day, we air Peace Talks Radio, which visits the story of a non-profit program called Creativity for Peace which includes a camp experience in the high desert of New Mexico for adolescent girls from all sides in the Middle East conflict. At the annual camp, the girls speak their minds and hearts about their own suffering due to the hostilities. Despite being taught to see the other as the enemy, they learn to get along and even be friends. More importantly perhaps, they learn important lessons in conflict resolution. On this program, host Carol Boss talks with two former campers, now young women, who have stayed with the Creativity for Peace organization as young leaders both at the camp and actively working for peace in their homelands. Palestinian, Jwana Ghaleb and Israeli Jew, May Freed were back in New Mexico to help at the summer camp in 2012 when Carol talked with them.

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