Voter ID and proof of citizenship

We discuss new laws in various states regarding voter ID and proof of citizenship with Michael Smith and Ryan Voris. Smith is Chair of the department of Social Sciences, Sociology and Criminology at Emporia State and editor of a new (2022) book entitled, “Much sound and fury, or the new Jim Crow? The twenty-first century’s restrictive new voting laws and their impact“.  This book is a collection of research papers.  Voris is an associate professor of Political Science at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, Georgia, and the author of a chapter on “The impact of voter ID laws on county turnout in the 2016 presidential election.”  Smith is also co-author of a chapter on “Using cross-sectional, time series, and border analysis to identify the impact of restrictive voting laws”, which discussed a statistical analysis of data on differences in election laws including voter ID and proof of citizenship.  Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves talks with Smith and Voris.

This is actually the first in a series of four discussions of different parts of this book.  For the other three, see:


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