PeaceWorks Kansas City lobbying in DC

Three activists with PeaceWorks Kansas City (Ann Suellentrop, Kristin Scheer, and Kimmy Igla) describe their experiences lobbying members of Congress during “DC Days” organized by the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.  They flew to DC April 22, attended training April 23, then visited the offices of several elected officials representing parts of the KC metro area April 24-26.  April 27 and 28 were spent planning to do it again next year. Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves facilitates the discussion.

More on their experiences is available on the
web site in a post describing how “KC crew is fired up at DC Days“.

Copyleft 2023 Ann Suellentrop, Kristin Scheer, Kimmy Igla, Spencer Graves, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) 4.0 International license

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