Sex trafficking and “Project Dawn”

Kristy Childs from Veronica’s Voice and Nurse Heidi Olson from Children’s Mercy Hospital join host Craig Lubow to talk about sex trafficking in the context of the issues raised by “Project Dawn”, a court project in Pennsylvania and recently portrayed in a play by the same name at Unicorn Theatre.

“Project Dawn Court is Philadelphia’s newest problem-solving court, designed for women with repeat prostitution offenses. The first of its kind in the country, it’s modeled on the nationally lauded Philadelphia Treatment Court, established in 1997 to reduce both drug possession recidivism rates and the cost of jailing drug addicts by providing rehabilitative services under close court supervision.

Like Philly’s Mental Health and Treatment problem-solving courts, the goal of Dawn’s Court is three-fold: connect nonviolent repeat offenders with therapeutic and re-entry services; make the community safer by reducing recidivism of a particular crime; and lessen the financial burden of taxpayers paying to keep minor offenders in jail.”

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