Shots In The Night: Variety!

Join the Shots In The Night gang for an hour of home made, homespun radio theater, featuring comedy, drama and a bit of music as well!  All of it written, performed, recorded and produced by local talent.

This month we find humor in a wide variety of topics, such as what makes a ball team win, homophones among siblings, a philosophical look at conspiracy theories, and guns as fashion accessories.  We’ll also take a musical look at funereal alternatives.  In keeping with the season, we will prepare for Hallowe’en with a humorous horror story about two cousins and how they get along, as well as a look at modern lycanthropy.  That’s “werewolves” in case you didn’t know.  (Don’t be embarrassed, I had to look it up, too.)

And it isn’t all grins and giggles.  We have a poignant look at homelessness and a chilling look at teaching a child to hunt.

You might ask, how can you cover so much material in just an hour?  Big imagination and a short attention span, that’s how!

So, get comfortable and exercise your imagination with us for an hour!

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