The post-pandemic economy per MMT at UMKC Econ

Host Spencer Graves will interview Joe Ballegeer and Mathew Forstater from the Economics Department of the University of Missouri at Kansas City about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)  and the post-pandemic economy. MMT is a school of economic thought that insists that any country with its own sovereign currency, like the United States, should NOT worry about a federal budget deficit.  Unlike a family or a state or local government, the US federal government can never run out of money.  Instead, the federal government should worry about inflation and the capacity of the economy to produce and to increase its productive capacity.  Forstater is a professor of economics at UMKC, and Joe recently received his PhD from that department.  They will be asked about fiscal stimulus, unemployment vs. worker shortage, and the risk of inflation.  This includes the following:

  1. Fiscal Stimulus during the pandemic

  2. Unemployment vs. Worker Shortage

  3. Risk of Inflation

  4. Fed’s monetary response and asset prices

  5. Future responses

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