UNplaza Art Fair and other PeaceWorks Kansas City activities

This episode of Radio Active Magazine features an interview with members of PeaceWorks Kansas City about their activities, including the following:

* Their up-coming UNplaza Art Fair, scheduled for September 21-22 in Southmoreland Park, just southwest across Oak Street from the Nelson Art Gallery.

* Civil disobedience protests of nuclear weapons production at the Kansas City National Security Campus, which makes roughly 85 percent of the nonnuclear parts for all new US nuclear weapons.  On Memorial Day, May 27, this year, 17 people affiliated with PeaceWorks officially trespassed and got arrested.  A trial is scheduled for Friday, November 1, at 1:30 PM.

* Their annual Hiroshima / Nagasaki remembrance event, which took place on August 4 this year.  This was discussed on the July 30 episode of Radio Active Magazine.

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