War and Peace in the Mideast: Senate Race, Peaceworks and American Friends Service Committee

What are the positions of US Senate candidates in Kansas and Missouri on effective responses to the Islamic State, also called ISIS?  In Kansas Democrat Patrick Wiesner and Libertarian Robert Garrard are hoping to replace Republican incumbent Jerry Moran.  In Missouri Democrat Jason Kander, Libertarian Jonathan Dine, and Constitution Party candidate Fred Ryman are running to replace Republican incumbent Roy Blunt, Host Spencer Graves will discuss what we know about these candidates’ positions and how that relates to research on what is honestly effective for the long term with Mary Hladky and Dave Pack, who serve on the Board of PeaceWorks Kansas City (www.peaceworkskc.org) and the Program Committee of Kansas City office of the American Friends Service Committee. (Available research on “Effective defense and ISIL” is summarized on Wikiversity at “https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Effective_defense_and_ISIL“.)

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