MidCoast LIVE! Maria Vasquez Boyd

Host/producer welcomes guest co-host Consuelo Cruz Deputy Director with Belger Arts and artists Mike Cerv, Sun Young Park,and Heidi Schultz.

• Belger Arts Center – 2100 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
• Belger Crane Yard Studios – 2011 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64108
• Belger Glass Annex – 1219 East 19th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-474-7316 Email: [email protected]

Since 2000, the Belger Arts Center has encouraged viewers to explore, question, and deepen their understanding of art and the world around them. Drawing upon the extensive John and Maxine Belger Family Foundation collection as well as a rich variety of local, national, and international artists, the Belger Arts Center has staged over 100 large-scale exhibitions that represent some of the best in contemporary art.
In 2013, Belger Arts expanded the Foundation’s commitment to the creative process by opening Belger Crane Yard Studios, an arts complex dedicated to providing studio and exhibition space for artists. The range of programming in ceramics education, in addition to the Red Star Residency program and Crane Yard Clay ceramics supply store, has made Belger a center for contemporary art.
The Belger Glass Annex is the third Belger Arts location and opened to the public in October 2021. It is the first public glassblowing studio in Kansas City of its scale and scope. The new facility boasts state-of-the-art glass blowing equipment and tools, a furnace that holds 300 pounds of molten glass, and three workstations. The Belger Glass Annex is primed to be a Midwest hub for glass art, education, and appreciation, strengthening Kansas City’s reputation as an arts destination.

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