MidCoast LIVE! presents Rural Grit All Stars: Mark Smeltzer, Kristopher Bruders & Cody Wyoming

MidCoast LIVE! presents Rural Grit All Stars

Friday, March 29, 2024
12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM
LIVE on 90.1 FM KKFI

Hosted by Mark Manning

Mark welcomes Rural Grit All Stars: Mark Smeltzer, Kristopher Bruders and Cody Wyoming who will play a live concert in our 90.1 FM studios.

Mark Smeltzer is a singer, songwriter, band leader, life-partner, and father. Mark is a principal musician of Rural Grit and the Rural Grit Happy Hour Mondays at The Brick, one of Kansas City longest running weekly live musical shows. Mark has also been part of the Kansas City based bands: Columbo, Trouble In Mind, E.I.O. with Amy Farrand, and Dually Jukes. Mark Smeltzer is also one half of Freight Train Rabbit Killer with Kristopher Bruders.

Kristopher Bruders is a singer, songwriter, band leader, husband, father and event organizer. Many Kansas City music fans know Kristopher Bruders for his work with band, Cadillac Flambé with vocalist and keyboardist, Havilah Bruders. Kristopher Bruders has also released music as a solo artist and with his newer bands Copper Threading and Gascan. Kristopher Bruders is also one half of Freight Train Rabbit Killer with Mark Smeltzer. Freight Train Rabbit Killer released their album, HAMMER OF JUDGEMENT on April 30, 2022 on vinyl from Haymaker Records.

Cody Wyoming is a musician, singer, composer, band leader, actor, director, record producer and performer who has been a part of Kansas City’s Music and Entertainment community since the mid 1990s. He has performed in, and directed several local theater productions, but is mostly known for having played in well over two dozen bands over the last three decades, including: The Philistines, the Pedaljets, The Guillotine Choir, WYCO, The Afterparty and The Cody Wyoming Deal.

Rural Grit is an unincorporated, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of roots, Americana, and folk music throughout Kansas City. They have hosted the Rural Grit Happy Hour every Monday for 25 years, and more than 10,000 musicians have played more than 30,000 times on their stage, from living-room hobbyists to national acts. Their organization has also generated millions of dollars in local economic activity. They were instrumental in bringing Folk Alliance International to Kansas City. FAI’s annual music conference brings musicians to Kansas City from around the world, providing a significant economic impact to the area. They are proud to have helped make their city the international center of folk and traditional music, making Kansas City thrive both artistically and economically.

The Brick, located in East Crossroads, is the home to Rural Grit Happy Hour. The construction site and the new stadium will be at The Brick’s front door, and most of the roadways leading to The Brick will close permanently. If it survives construction, property taxes and demographic changes will challenge The Brick to stay open. For the Happy Hour, Rural Grit needs The Brick’s dedicated PA system, a food menu that low-income artists can afford, an owner willing to host them every Monday, and a central location downtown. The Rural Grit home is here. If they lose The Brick, they lose the Rural Grit Happy Hour.

Rural Grit Happy Hour and The Brick have devoted their stage for the past month of Mondays to opposing Question 1 on the April 2 Vote to fund The KC Royals and Chiefs. The Rural Grit are inviting all of KC’s local leaders to join them, speak with them, and listen to their music. They are inviting representatives from both the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs to join them also to see how important their community is to the city. They are also inviting local journalists to the Happy Hour.

Rural Grit is in opposition to Question 1 on the April 2, 2024 special election ballot. The ballot measure proposes a 3/8 cent sales tax to fund stadium construction and maintenance for The Kansas City Royals Baseball Club, LLC. The Royals’ East Crossroads site selection threatens Rural Grit’s continued existence.

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